Our Story

Our vision of a typical day for every child should include a hug from a loving parent, words of encouragement and the opportunity to enjoy great days with friends who share similar fun habits with each other. However, this is not the life of our youth in America today…

Many teens and young adults feel defeated with the circumstances of life; falling prey to the circumstances around them. Our goal is to teach them that they have purpose, help them find their passion, and to assist them with dealing with the challenges of life.

DIVAS, Inc. helps youth to move forward in their quest to stand strong and tall when unexpected things arise, while handling them in the manner that encourages self-awareness. They are a vital part of this world!

Our Family

Sandra M. Strozier

Sandra M. Strozier

Chief Executive Officer

“My true desire is that we can all find a passion within ourselves which leads us to true healing; and allows us to stop, think, and take action towards expanding our internal horizon.”

Sandra is a native of Atlanta and has a degree in Urban Policy Studies (Planning and Economic Development) from Georgia State University. She is employed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Atlanta and facilitates the Thinking for A Change curriculum within the juvenile court system in Metro Atlanta.

Sandra founded DIVAS, Inc. out a passion for youth development with a focus on assisting young people in realising and displaying self-confidence, self-awareness, and improving family dynamics.

Rufus Clemmons

Rufus Clemmons

(Partner within Community) Founder/CEO/Independent Contractor Hope 4 Tomorrow, Inc.

“Assisting youth and young adults with leadership for over 17 years.”

Rufus is a Pike County native and he has been providing assistance to youth and young adults in many different forms of leadership as a volunteer, mentor, coach, consultant, facilitator, spiritual guide, and administrator for over seventeen years. He has a Bachelors in Business Administration with a background in Education and Psychology.

Joy Tellis-Cooper

Joy Tellis-Cooper

Contractor - Partner within community

“My belief is that by self growth, I can help others to grow with me.”

Joy works as an Accountant for a global insurance company. She obtained her BA in Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University.

Joy has many endeavours and is always striving for improvement. She founded the non-profit organization Tellis Cooper Foundation in 2004. This organization helps many children and homeless individuals. Joy has a great background in schools and communities, and that lead her into to decision to become a motivational speaker to young girls, focusing on self-respect and leadership.

David “Big Dave” Cuffie

David “Big Dave” Cuffie


“My love for training business professionals and at-risk youth reflects my heated passion for my audience to leave with understanding and knowledge that the potential to be great is only restricted by the limitations they allow to be placed on yourself.”

David has a Master of Business Administration degree from Valdosta State University. He is a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, certified customer service instructor, and adjunct professor.

David uses his diverse social educational background to impart the keys to success for overcoming barriers that everyone faces in their career. With his positive energy, sense of humour, and hands-on training, he provides a solid foundation for participants to embrace and empower challenges in life as long term career opportunities for personal enrichment and growth.

Alan Thompson

Alan Thompson


“A man with a passion to help young people reach their full potential.”

Alan has been working with youth for over 30 years. His love for working with young people started while he was pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business at South Carolina State College.

Alan is a mentor, teacher and an Independent Contractor with the Dekalb County Juvenile Courts where he facilitates and monitors classes. He is trained for professional learning sessions on working with students with special needs, emotional and behavior disorders, crisis prevention, physical restraint training and motivational speaking.